Noordhoff Uitgevers and Mr. Chadd team up to offer even more personalized learning solutions

January 23, 2017 – Noordhoff Uitgevers and Mr. Chadd team up to offer teachers and students even more customization and personalized learning solutions.

Students from schools that subscribe to the Mr. Chadd chat feature can ask their questions any time to an online coach. Noordhoff Uitgevers facilitates personalized teaching and learning routes to teachers and students, while well-trained coaches offer students both inside and outside the classroom-based guidance at a time when a teacher is not available.
A common desire in education is that students can learn regardless of time and place. However, for a teacher it is impossible to be available at any time of the day. That’s why Noordhoff Uitgevers and Mr. Chadd, together with teachers and schools, develop a solution for students to ask online help from a coach right when they need to. The coaches are carefully screened and trained university students.

Mr. Chadd’s teachers portal provides insight into learning needs from both textbooks and digital learning resources. Teachers thus get a complete picture of the learning process. Another advantage is that Noordhoff with the feedback that Mr. Chadd supplies can further refine its educational tools.