LeYa to focus on growth and innovation as an Infinitas Group company

Utrecht The Netherlands, February 28, 2022 – LeYa Global, who holds a #2 market position in K12 educational and general publishing in Portugal, and Infinitas Learning have signed a Purchase and Sale agreement for LeYa, S.A., a company that manages operations in Portugal and Mozambique. The acquisition is subject to authorization by the Competition Authority. LeYa Global’s operations in Brazil and Angola are not included in this agreement.

Over 14 years LeYa, S.A., has followed a sustained path of integration and optimization that has turned it into a company fully prepared to respond to the challenges of the digital transition, particularly in ​​Education. LeYa, S.A., is in an excellent position to, once integrated with the Infinitas Group, continue its path of growth and optimization, both as an educational partner, for teachers and students, and as a reference publisher for its authors and readers.

Infinitas Learning is the leading provider of learning and teaching solutions in its key markets in the Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden. Infinitas reaches more than five million students with innovative products and services taught in primary schools, secondary schools, further education colleges and educational programs for health professionals.

Infinitas wishes LeYa, S.A., to maintain its autonomy both in the development of products and services for the Portuguese education system and in the general publishing business. Both LeYa Global and Infinitas believe that the extensive experience of the new shareholder in the development of digital educational solutions will lead LeYa to a new level of innovation, which will greatly contribute to the improvement of the Portuguese education system and will be an essential support for the students and teachers.

In addition, Infinitas is currently investigating the possibilities to expand their technology hub in Portugal, and the acquisition of LeYa is an important step towards execution on these plans.

LeYa Global’s shareholders, Isaías Gomes Teixeira, Tiago Morais and Pedro Marques Guedes: “We are proud of all the work that was put into building this editorial group, that is now a reference in the Portuguese market. It could not have been done without the dedication and the full commitment of our talented teams, whom we sincerely thank for this.”

“We are very enthusiastic about this integration, that we see as an excellent opportunity both for LeYa and Infinitas, with mutual benefits in combined growth and know-how sharing from both our experienced teams.”, says Ana Rita Bessa, CEO of LeYa, S.A. She underpins: “LeYa will thus reinforce its strategy to develop folio and digital high quality educational resources and learning platforms, as well as its role to promote literacy and authors in the Portuguese language.”

Taco Morelisse, CEO of Infinitas Learning: “We are delighted that with LeYa we take a new step in our pan-European strategy. I believe that with our experience with blended learning and our digital platforms, we can support and strengthen LeYa’s digital proposition development, tailored to the specific needs in Portugal. The acquisition of LeYa also fits seamlessly into the investment strategy of Infinitas’ main shareholder NPM Capital.”

About LeYA, S.A.
LeYa, S.A., was established in 2008 as a holding company incorporating some of the most prestigious publishing houses in Portuguese language. Currently, the credibility and market strength of its brands, the relevance of its authors and the commitment of its more than 350 employees have turned LeYa into a leading company both in the Education and in the Book and Literature markets. https://leya.com

About Infinitas Learning
Infinitas Learning is a key European provider of innovative products and services for learning and education. We help learners to realize their full potential. Our mission is to create flexible, leading solutions that support innovative, 21st century ways of learning. Our brands offer a comprehensive suite of educational tools that are used in primary and secondary schools, further education and in companies. Our teaching materials are based on insights from thorough research into learning processes, resulting in leading didactics, the foundation of effective learning. Our products contain interactive software, online learning and teaching material, of which many enjoy a leading position in their markets. The Infinitas Learning group includes Noordhoff (The Netherlands), Liber (Sweden) and Plantyn (Belgium), as well as Infinitas Product & Technology (The Netherlands). The group employs around 600 people and is headquartered in Utrecht (The Netherlands). http://www.infinitaslearning.com  

About NPM
NPM Capital invests in mid-market companies headquartered in the Benelux and supports companies to enter the next growth phase in their development. NPM Capital, with SHV as its sole shareholder, has sufficient capital in order to apply a long investment horizon. Currently, NPM Capital has a portfolio of 24 participations (majority as well as minority holdings, including growth capital) and focuses on the following trends: Everything is Digital, Future of Energy, Feeding the World and Healthy Life & Learning. http://www.npm-capital.com