Infinitas’ Plantyn and Averbode/Erasme join forces

Berchem/Utrecht, April 19th, 2022 – Infinitas Learning’s subsidiary Plantyn and Uitgeverij Averbode/Editions Erasme, both based in Belgium, combine their strengths. With a joint experience of 170 years in educational publishing, they have a strong foundation to shape the education solutions of the future in Belgium.

Infinitas’ Plantyn will acquire 100% of the shares of Averbode/Editions Erasme. In the initial phase, both organisations will focus on their current activities, preparing for the start of next school year 2022/2023. The joint vision for the future will be further developed in the coming months and gradually be deployed from 2023 onwards. Plantyn’s current CFO Katleen Lanens will transfer to Averbode/Erasme and, as Managing Director, together with local management bridge the gap between both companies.

Plantyn and Averbode/Erasme see a Belgian educational landscape that is confronted with several challenges, and the new organisation makes it possible to focus strongly on high-quality and all-encompassing educational solutions. Together they can deploy this to its full potential.

“With Plantyn and Averbode/Erasme we create a group with an unique combination of strong brands and a particularly complementary market proposal”, says Katleen Lanens. “Together we have the experience and expertise that is required to develop innovative teaching methods and platforms that offer to both teachers and pupils the leverage they need.”

Taco Morelisse, CEO of Infinitas Learning: “This year we are going to start a new and promising chapter in the rich history of Plantyn and Averbode/Erasme. The new group in Belgium will play even more a leading role in helping teachers and students to move forward, individually and collectively. The acquisition of Averbode/Erasme fits also well into the investment strategy of our main shareholder NPM Capital and within our strategy to expand and grow within Europe.”

About Plantyn

Plantyn is one of Belgium’s most important educational publishers for over 70 years. We create and distribute teaching material for all types of education and offer our clients digital solutions for school administrations and educational software. Plantyn wants to continue to focus on digital products in the future to enable personalized learning solutions for students and teachers.

About Averbode/Erasme

Uitgeverij Averbode/Erasme is an educational publisher that originated more than 100 years ago as part of the Norbertine Abbey of Averbode. During that time, we built up a strong reputation thanks to a strong brand portfolio in both parts of the country.

About Infinitas Learning

Infinitas Learning is a key European provider of innovative products and services for learning and education. We help learners to realize their full potential. Our mission is to create flexible, leading solutions that support innovative, 21st century ways of learning. Our brands offer a comprehensive suite of educational tools that are used in primary and secondary schools, further education and in companies. Our teaching materials are based on insights from thorough research into learning processes, resulting in leading didactics, the foundation of effective learning. Our products contain interactive software, online learning and teaching material, of which many enjoy a leading position in their markets. The Infinitas Learning group includes Noordhoff (The Netherlands), Liber (Sweden) and Plantyn (Belgium), as well as Infinitas Technology (The Netherlands). The group employs around 600 people and is headquartered in Utrecht (The Netherlands).