Noordhoff Publishers and Golden Egg Check set a new standard for Entrepreneurship in education

Noordhoff Publishers and Golden Egg Check are launching a strategic collaboration to improve the level of education in entrepreneurship and stimulate tomorrow’s young entrepreneurs to realize their maximum potential.

Parties signed an agreement on Tuesday, April 25.

The cooperation will combine Noordhoff’s strong background and experience in the educational market with the compelling software of Golden Egg Check to add a new dimension to entrepreneurship in education. Learning by doing, interacting with professionals and providing support for teachers are the central themes for this new e-learning product.

Golden Egg Check has a strong track record of supporting entrepreneurs in developing and validating business plans to match investor needs. Despite being intended and developed for a different audience, higher educational institutions in the Netherlands have started using the product in class to teach business plan development. Noordhoff is continuously searching for innovations in education that provide real additional value to students and teachers. The digital adaptive offering of Golden Egg Check provides such value and aligns with the personalized learning strategy of Noordhoff.

This cooperation will leverage on the strengths of its partners from the expertise, market knowledge and access of Noordhoff to the entrepreneurship education market and the strong product development talent of Golden Egg Check. Financial investment by Noordhoff will allow Golden Egg Check to fully tailor the current product to the higher education audience and create a strong e-learning environment for educational purposes.