About LeYa, S.A.

LeYa was established in January 2008 as a holding company incorporating some of the most prestigious publishing houses in Portuguese language. LeYa publishes fiction, nonfiction, children’s books, textbooks and supplementals for education, in Portugal and in Mozambique.

By integrating renowned authors and publishers, as well as skilled professionals deeply rooted in their markets, LeYa is privileged to have extraordinary human capital with solid and diversified know-how in the publishing sector.

The quality and strength of the LeYa brands, combined with ambitious goals and group dynamics, make LeYa solid and cohesive in its overall goals and diverse in its publishing programs, as well as successful in fulfilling its mission: to improve teaching and learning outcomes and to promote literacy and the Portuguese language.

LeYa in Digital Education

LeYa is one of major players operating in Education in Portugal and Mozambique. In what concerns Digital Education, we develop our work together with the key stakeholders – students, schools, teachers and parents, as well as with K-12 educational specialists and Governmental Institutions. Through our digital platforms and contents, we create effective quality learning solutions and actively contribute to use technology to achieve better teaching and better learning.