About scoyo

scoyo is a German online educational learning platform for kids and teachers. scoyo provides a full curriculum for subjects such as math, German, English, physics, biology and chemistry, and is suitable for all grades from 1 to 7. With millions of hours of learning completed, scoyo is one of the most popular online learning platforms for children in Germany.


scoyo mission

We strengthen children on their way to develop their full potential. The mission of scoyo is to inspire children and their parents to learn again and again and to change the understanding of learning. Our goal is to have a school life with more ease and less pressure; everyday school life that allows a relaxed and curious view on learning.


Origin of scoyo

scoyo was founded in 2007 in Germany together with Cornelsen Schulbuchverlag, teachers and game experts. The universities of Hamburg, Lüneburg and Essen and the “Learning Lab” were also involved. The learning offer is used extensively in schools and has received multiple awards.
In the summer of 2020 scoyo joined the Dutch Squla in order to equip scoyo with many more attractive features for children and teachers in Germany.