Noordhoff Professional

Noordhoff Professional brings knowledge to you

If you work, you learn. And if you learn, you grow. This is how you continuously develop, both as an individual and as a professional. You develop whenever you take a moment to look something up during your daily work. Or whenever you decide to devote an hour to looking into something properly. Or whenever you invest time in a training course that will deepen or broaden your knowledge.

Noordhoff Professional brings knowledge to you. We bring it to professionals and organisations that want to work efficiently and safely. Together with our clients, we develop digital workplace support and smart, personalised learning technology. So that professionals can work, learn and grow well, every day, in a way that suits them.

Noordhoff Professional consists of a team of over 60 people, and combines learning solutions, high-quality content and learning technology with sound business sense. We are part of Noordhoff, the ideal knowledge partner for the Netherlands: a country that is eager to learn. Our love for learning means that Noordhoff now helps more than 2 million people get the best out of themselves every day. And we are finding out more every day about how to learn even better. With smart methods and personal attention. With up-to-date teaching materials and new technology. And of course, with the knowledge of today, together with a constant curiosity about the learning opportunities of tomorrow.