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Noordhoff Health

Noordhoff Health: the bridge between higher education and healthcare.

Noordhoff Health provides learning solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s healthcare questions aimed at developing and maintaining knowledge and skills in healthcare. The starting point is the performance at the workplace with focus on improving the quality of healthcare, collaboration and ongoing personal development, resulting in demonstrable competent (upcoming) healthcare professionals. In order to form this mission, Noordhoff Health is actively contributing to the development of standards and standards in healthcare.

Noordhoff Health delivers high quality content, technology and services for healthcare education. With the extensive integration of learning content and learning technology, Noordhoff Health continuously strives for innovative learning solutions, in close collaboration with all leading parties in the healthcare market.

Noordhoff Health stands for quality improvement in healthcare. For this we provide accredited and advanced learning solutions developed in close cooperation with all leading parties in care.

Noordhoff Health aims at:

  • Delivering learning solutions that make a direct contribution to better and safer healthcare
  • Providing the healthcareprofessional with the best possible combination of work and learning to achieve the best learning outcomes
  • Forming a bridge between vocational education and healthcare practice
  • To be actively involved in the establishment of unambiguous quality standards