Environmental, Health & Safety and Social impacts

in the manufacturing supply chain

Infinitas Learning actively purchases sustainable, accredited paper from FSC sources for its published material and engages suppliers on the use of inks and reduction of energy consumption. We also support digital media and the environmental and social benefits this can bring.

Supporting this we have a Compliance Management System (CMS) that contains a Code of Conduct that we use with our suppliers on issues of sustainability and ethical supply. We are in a continual process of assessing and improving our material supply base.

  1. Consumption of materials and the associated environmental impacts: paper, energy, water, chemicals and the resulting impacts on climate change, air and water quality and resource degradation;
  2. Alternatives systems: moving from paper-based to digital media;
  3. Health and safety of workers in the manufacturing sector; and
  4. Labour standards, discrimination, child / bonded labour, fair pay and rights to unionise for workers in the manufacturing sector

Initiative: Collaboration with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified suppliers on sourcing of sustainable materials for publications – environmental impacts of pulp and paper fibre, inks and energy and reduction of these impacts.
• KPI: Percentage of paper that is accredited to FSC (target: 100%)
Initiative: Collaboration with suppliers on sourcing of sustainable materials for publications – ethical and labour standards, based on existing Infinitas Learning Code of Conduct.
• KPI: Percentage of selected and preferred suppliers audited yearly to check they meet labour standards such as the ETI Base Code; percentage of corrective addressed within the required timeframe

The Code of Conduct of Infinitas Learning is available in the following languages:
DutchEnglish, FrenchGermanSwedish